Welcome to my world of quilting, crafts, gardening, cooking and other interesting topics. I will be posting my thoughts and activities on these topics.

I am a product developer in the quilting and crafting arena and will also be posting tutorial documents and videos of some of the items that I use, as I complete them.

There are now 25 Quilting Tool Tutorials on the Tutorial page, including 9 for the EZ Quilting “Mini” tools. All are available for viewing, saving and printing. Enjoy!

There are 18 links to Quilting Tool Tutorial videos on the Videos page, now available for viewing.. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    Remember me from Las Vegas days? Hope you are well. I am going down that road you went on about 12 years ago. Breast cancer is the pitts. But that is now why I am sending this. I am getting ready to make a double wedding ring quilt but would like to make the sides straight instead of the traditional curves. Have you ever done that, and if so, how did you do it. Hope you can help me…


  2. In the process of looking for a wedding know quilt pattern for of course a wedding gift.
    I came across your design and fell in love. It is exactly what I was looking for. I do have a problem with how much fabric to buy and the cutting. I didn’t see a pattern to purchase because that is what I would have done (in a heartbeat). It is not that I am new to all of this but when it comes down to figuring out how much white and green to buy I am at a loss.
    I would truly appreciate any assistance you can offer me.
    Thank you

    • The Double Wedding Ring template set to make the traditional Double Wedding Ring quilt includes yardage charts for many sizes of the quilt as well as instructions. The amount of fabric required is based on the size of the quilt and determined by Darlene Zimmerman, who designed the template set.

  3. At Nancy’s Notion Weekend you talked about Jacob’s Coat. What template was used? I couldn’t find anything on the website about Jacob’s Coat. Thanks.

    • The template for Joseph’s Coat is called Joseph’s Coat and is available from simplicity.com or from Darlene Zimmerman, who designed it. The instructions for use of the this set is on the package and will be available on mimishimp.com soon.

  4. Are there any instructions/projects using the key chain templates for the 2 1/2″ strips? I bought a set at the Nancy’s Notions weekend. Thanks.

  5. Hi Mimi–
    I’m a friend of Jan Krueger and she showed me the new 2 1/2 inch cutting tools. She said you have patterns available for downloading on your website and I don’t see them. Can you tell me how to get them?

  6. Hey Mimi
    I sent an email to your simplicity address. I wanted you to see a finished quilt from the class. Thanks for the lessons. They were not all wasted.

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